Gujarat: Students ‘Steal’ Question Papers | Class 7th Revised Exam Dates Here

Gujarat: Students ‘Steal’ Question Papers
Gujarat: Students ‘Steal’ Question Papers

Gujarat: Students ‘Steal’ Question Papers: The Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board or GSEB is a government of Gujarat body responsible for determining the policy-related, administrative, cognitive, and intellectual direction the state’s secondary and higher secondary educational system takes.

Gujarat: Students ‘Steal’ Question Papers:

After question papers were discovered,it was stolen from a government school in the Bhavnagar district, the Gujarat government suspended the annual primary school exam for two subjects for Class 7th on Friday. Officials reported that two seventh-grade pupils acknowledged to swiping the documents from their school on Wednesday night.

The annual Science and Social Science exam, which was supposed to be given on Friday and Saturday in all state-run primary schools, will now be held on April 29 and 30, they said.

According to an official, the exam papers are created centrally by the Director of Primary Education and given to the schools in sealed covers.

On arriving at the school on Thursday morning, Devraj Dhadhla, principal of a primary school in Nesvad village, Talaja tehsil, discovered that someone had broken in during the night and stolen Science and Social Science question papers.

Talaja police began an investigation after receiving a First Information Report, and discovered that two kids in Class 7 had taken the documents after breaking the locks, according to Assistant Superintendent of Police Safin Hasan.He also stated that the stolen papers had been retrieved.

Following that, the Director of Primary Education’s office told District Primary Education Officers that the examination had been cancelled and that a new examination with new exam papers would be held on April 29 and 30.It further stated that, in order to avoid such situations, teachers should retain sealed exam papers at home rather than at school.

The two students should be punished surely and the action will be taken severely by the schools. So, Students be ready to attend the examination onApril 29 and 30, 2022. Follow our site for daily updates.