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Maharashtra FYJC News | 11th Admission via CET | Check the Details

Maharashtra FYJC News

Maharashtra FYJC News: Maharashtra State to conduct its Common Entrance Test, CET2021 for the FYJC Admissions. This year due to covid-19 the Maharashtra common entrance test has been delayed. Maharashtra State Education Minister, Varsha Gaikwad, took her Twitter today, May 28 to announce that, ” in order to ensure uniformity for 11th admission and equal opportunity for all students we will conduct optional common entrance test for 11th admission. The common entrance test exam will be taken after the coronavirus outbreak subsides.”

Maharashtra FYJC News:

Maharashtra state minister further added, ” the entrance examination or CET will be conducted by the state board etc. It will be based on the 10th standard syllabus. There will be multiple choice questions for this 100 marks exam and two exams will be taken by OMR method.”

The Minister further mentions that” while implementing the 11th admission process student will be given priority in all junior colleges on the basis of merit in the common entrance test. Only after the admission process is completed for students those who have given the entrance test, admission process for other students will be started.” 

“The students who have not given the relevant examination on the vacancy in the junior colleges’ admission will be given on the merit basis on the basis of marks obtained in 10th standard Assessment system,” announces Varsha Gaikwad, Maharashtra State Education Minister.

“Students who have not taken the necessary examination on the vacancy in junior colleges will be admitted on a merit basis based on marks acquired in the 10th grade Assessment system,” says Maharashtra State Education Minister Varsha Gaikwad. The Maharashtra government is expected to issue distinct regulations for the conduct of the Common Entrance Test 2021 in the state in the near future.

Students should be aware that only those who take the entrance exam will be given precedence for first-year Junior College FYJC admissions. The Maharashtra government issued evaluation criteria for Class 10 pupils in the state earlier today. Internal Assessment will be used to evaluate the students in Class 10.

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