Online Taxi Service | Launched by Kerala Government | Named as ‘Kerala Savari’ | Details here

Online Taxi Service
Online Taxi Service

Online Taxi Service: Online Taxi Service to be launched by Kerala Government which will be named as “Kerala Savari”. From Next month the project will be launched. In India, this is the first time the state itself launching the Taxi Service as per the records and this will be going to happen in Kerala. Do you want to know the info regarding this then read this page below and get it.

Online Taxi Service:

The State Labor Department is launching “Kerala Savari,” which is thought to be the first effort of its kind by a State Government in the nation. It links the state’s current auto-taxi networks with the goal of providing economical, conflict-free transport for the general population. The Kerala Government is getting ready to launch an online cab service facility starting from next month in an effort to give consumers a “desi” alternative to Ola and Uber services.

V Sivankutty, the State’s Minister of Education, Labour, and Skill Development, said:

The innovative service was also intended to lend a helping hand to the auto-taxi labour sector, which is currently dealing with a number of issues. The new service will be introduced at a ceremony at this location’s KanakakkunnuPalace on August 17, which is the first day of the auspicious Malayalam Month of Chingam.

“This is the first time in the nation that a state government has introduced an online taxi service. It is possibly the first system of its kind in the public sector anywhere in the entire world. The Kerala Savari guarantees a completely safe and conflict-free journey “explained Sivankutty. He added that it has been learned that there is a difference of 20–30% between the rate paid to the motor transport laborers and the rate charged from the passengers in all of the existing online cab services when asked why the government is entering the e-taxi sector, which is dominated by Multinational Corporations and taking the welfare of the workers into consideration.

Nowadays, more consumers prefer to utilize online taxi services, which has led to the disappearance of many traditional taxi stands and the unemployment of many motor transport workers, according to him.

The minister stated, “It is for this reason that the LabourDepartment has chosen to create an online taxi service in the Public Sector realizing that there is a need to reform the motor transport worker sector in accordance with the needs of the moment.

It is really a good plan by the Kerala Government because most of them prefer only taxi rather than public transport it is very useful and good effort by the Government. Most of the people get benefits from it. Because both from aged people to young peoples this is the useful ideas established by the Government. Appreciate to them for the first effort of its kind by a State Government in the nation. Follow our site for daily updates regarding breaking news and all other job updates.