Aadhar Card for Children : Check here how to enroll for getting Aadhar number

Aadhar Card for Children
Aadhar Card for Children

Aadhar Card for Children, Check here how to enroll for getting Aadhar number. In today’s time, the most important document is the Aadhaar Card. In such a situation, it is important that every person keeps updating the Aadhar card of his and his family members from time to time according to the need. To take advantage of any government scheme, Aadhaar is necessary, like the benefits of DBT, bank account, PAN card or property registration, it is a useful document in all.

Important features for enrolling Aadhar card for Children below 5 years of Age :

Before parents will enrolling their children for Aadhar , they have to read these points:

A) Aadhar card can be generated for all children including new born baby.

B) Only child photograph is taken for Aadhar card.

C) It is compulsory to provide Aadhar card of any one parent, if parents don’t have Aadhar card then they have to get enrolled for their Aadhar first.

D) Child’s biometric is not taken in this case.

E) When child become 10 years old , then child has to provide biometric data of all 10 fingers and iris scan.

Aadhar Card for Children ; How to Enroll | Check steps here

1) Go to Aadhar Enrolment centre to apply for Aadhar for their child.

2) Fill the Aadhar Enrolment form , Parents mention their own Aadhar number if they don’t have their child valid address proof.

3) The centre executive will be take your child biometrics.

4) On completing the whole process , an acknowledgement slip is provided to you on which enrolment number is mentioned , you can use this number to check the status of Aadhar.

Documents required to make Aadhaar Card for children:

There is no need for a lot of documents to make Aadhaar Card for children.Parents need to provide 4 documents for this:

1)Birth certificate of the child.

2)Aadhar card information of the child’s parents.

3) Certificate of address of the child’s parents.

4)Identity card of the child’s parents.\

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