Companies Rejects Work From Home | Workers Get Permission from the Customer

Companies Rejects Work From Home

Companies Rejects Work From Home: A new unwritten rule is circulated in the Information Technology-IT sector companies recently. The companies hereafter not mention the Work from Home option at the application form to recruit the employees. The IT companies said that, the employees have to get the approval from the clients to continue the Work from Home mode in the particular project.

Companies Rejects Work From Home:

Earlier the companies allowed their workers to work at their home locations due to the Covid-19 infection. Companies let their employees to get the comfortable and flexibility at the WFH jobs. Later the IT firms allowing staff to work in office for a day or two per week. They practice the Hybrid mode of working instead of suddenly call back their employees to the office location.

Now, the companies ordered to get the Clients/ customers permission to continue the Work from Home hereafter. “The Covid pandemic was an exception when remote working had been allowed as a norm. Repetition of that model as a rule may not happen” reported by the Pareekh Jain, an IT outsourcing advisor and founder, Pareekh Consulting. For more information and frequent updates subscribe and follow this ExamsDaily page.

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