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US Election Results 2020: Trump supporters stuck breathless, eyes on nine state results | Check latest update here

US Election Results 2020

US Election Results 2020: Trump supporters stuck breathless, eyes on nine state results. In the US presidential election, there is a tough fight between outgoing President and Republican Party candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden and the world is eagerly awaiting the results. However, according to the latest updates, Joe Biden is close to winning. Biden is only 6 votes away from a majority of the electoral votes. But this is not going to be easy.

Something like that .. Joe Biden has received a total of 264 electoral votes, while Donald Trump has stayed on a total of 214 votes. Biden needs only 6 votes and 56 votes for Donald Trump.

Pennsylvania – 20 electoral votes – Donald Trump ahead North Carolina – 15 electoral votes – Donald Trump ahead Georgia – 16 electoral votes – Donald Trump ahead Alaska – 3 Electoral Votes – Donald Trump Ahead Nevada – 6 Electoral Votes – Joe Biden Ahead Well here too, the matter seems to be less in Trump’s favor. Actually, on whom the trumps are ahead, if they win from all these states, then 54 votes are going in their favor whereas for the majority they need 56 votes.

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US Election Results 2020

US Election Results 2020

Trump’s team engaged in legal strategy : President Trump’s team is engaged in resorting to legal bets. It is considering stopping the petition by filing a petition in the Supreme Court alleging rigging of counting in these states. Team Trump believes that Democrats in Nawada, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin are moving fast. Counting is being done here. Regarding this, a petition has been filed in some states to stop counting work and in some states, the counting of votes is being considered.

The Trump team took refuge in the court, the possibility of violence if disturbed Current diplomats, current experts eyeing US politics, believe that Trump’s attempts to disrupt the election process by taking refuge in Team Trump’s court could put America in the grip of violent protests. Keeping in mind the violence and performance, people have kept a high level of vigilance at their level and the administration level.

The White House is surrounded by steel barricades. Security forces are deployed, but people are beginning to fear that this situation may reach explosive levels. It is believed that if this happens, America may have to take help of army, Homeland Security and others to deal with this situation

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