Citrix is going to hire more than 600 software engineers.

Citrix going to hiring more than 600 software engineers.
Citrix going to hiring more than 600 software engineers.

Citrix is hiring more than 600 software engineers , Citrix is a digital workspace platform that gives employees everything that they need . Citrix Engineering is growing fast , focused on test driven development . As nowadays their is a rapid growth in the field of cloud , many customers moving towards to the cloud . so its a great time to join Citrix. Citrix run all agile at scale . Citrix use SAFe as a technology to manage dependencies and github , jira , slack as the core R&D Tools.

Citrix is going to hired candidates from all parts of engineering and security organisation , it include hardcore software engineers ( having exceptional talent in C , C# , C++ , Java , Javascript and react native ) , Data Scientists ( Without data you cannot do machine learning and Citrix provide data and making platform that focus on data ) , Cloud Architects ( Building cloud microservices at high availability requires diffrent approach) , Site Reliabilty engineers , Mobile Software engineers .

Citrix search for those engineers having deep understanding of operating system , drivers , in their respective parts of software Engineering . Recent events highlights the benefits that cloud offers. If you are in their team then you will experience directly the deployment of microservices .

Citrix has a special culture on investing in employees . Citrix appreciate a good work life balance , having fun and celebrating successes . Citrix is set on 5 key values : Integrity , Respect , curiosity , Courage and unity .

As their is a increased focus on remote working and customer moving to cloud , Citrix has experienced strong growth . To support these areas , Citrix hiring more than 600 software engineers.

Those who are intrested in joining then visit Citrix for more contacts information.

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