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Left-handers day 2020 | August 13 – Important & Interesting Facts

Left-handers day 2020

Left-handers day 2020 | August 13 – Important & Interesting Facts

International left-handers day: Are you aware of the fact, that today i.e. 13th August is Left-handers day 2020. But one second before you scroll down do you even know what is left-handers day or what is a left-handed person or what is left-handedness?

So, let’s see some important and interesting facts about this day. Left-handedness, not very common if compared to right-handedness. 90% of the world population is right-handed. Now, the word ‘handedness’ can be defined as the hand which you use in most of your works.

Is it bad to be left-handed?

A lot of studies over the years about lefthanded people have disclosed that these people are more prone to certain conditions. But being left-handed is not bad. They’re really special people. If we talk about normal people so all the musical instruments, daily life works, and all the machines are for right-handed people. That means lefthanders have to sort of cope up with all the things.

Some Facts about left-handed people

  • They come under 10% of the world population.
  • Eight of the U.S. presidents left-handed
  • According to studies from the Center for Handedness Research and The Zebra, left-handers tend to be better drivers.

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