Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Approach | Human-centric way of development

PM Modi gives 17,000 Crores

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Approach | Human-centric way of development

India has a human-centric way of development: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s approach to developing partnerships was human-centric. Other forms force countries into “dependence partnerships” giving rise to colonial rule and global power blocks.

In his speech at the virtual inauguration ceremony of the Mauritius Supreme Court building in Port Louis. Modi targeted China saying: “India is making development partnerships that are marked by respect, diversity, care, and sustainable development.”

The Supreme Court in Port Louis is part of five projects under a $353 million economic package by India in 2016. It is first India’s infrastructure project in Mauritian capital. With China aggressively wanting to woo India’s neighbors, New Delhi has focused on delivering promised assistance to its neighbors.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Approach
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Approach

The inauguration of the Supreme Court building comes military tensions between India and China border.

However, China’s ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ (BRI) called out by India for burdening developing countries with unsustainable debt, propagating predatory lending practices, and imposing environmental costs.

“India’s approach to development is mainly human-centric. We want to work for the welfare of humanity. History taught us that in name of development partnerships, nations forced into dependence partnerships. It gave rise to colonial and imperial rule. It gave rise to global power blocks, and humanity suffered,” Narendra Modi added.

Mauritian Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth said, “India has accompanied Mauritius all along its journey towards socio-economic progress”.

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